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tabwells asked:
Cappuccino is not refreshing any feeds, not sure why, or what to do about it.

Please join the Beta Group

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centralscience asked:
New (Nov. 9th) update is not opening on Mac OS 10.6.8. "Cappuccino cannot be opened because of a problem." - thanks =)

Should work please join the beta group to download previous release

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anglicanj asked:
Hey. When I am using Cappuccino, it I pause in the middle of a feed for too long, it will bounce back to the top of the feed. This is really annoying and a quirky bug. thanks

Cappuccino 2.02 direct Download

- Fix Crash at launch on 10.6 10.7

- Fix Post ordering in middle view


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punky-dreams asked:
When new updates are available in my rss feed, cappucino alerts me but it doesn't refresh middle section. It is always annoying.

Thanks for notice it will be fixed.

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ltcarter47 asked:
I just bought Cauppuccino New Reader for iPhone but it will not accept my google login email/password. I am copy/pasting so it is absolutely correct.

Will be fixed on next update.

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sugarfarter asked:
Do you have any plans to make a Cuppuccino / Mochaccino version that does not require a Google Reader account? Something like NetNewsWire does (no 3th party needed)? I would gladly pay extra for that feature.

Yes on the next version will be in.

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leberm asked:
Just upgraded to version 2.0 on mountain lion. Unfortunately still can't access preferences in order to delete cache. Respective menu is greyed out. Any ideas?

just remove this folder:  /Users/leo/Library/Containers/